Off-site programs

Montpellier Management’s international outreach goes beyond mobility options for students. It also involves exporting the expertise and quality contained in some programs for an off-site approach that gives students the opportunity to study in an in-person setting, via e-learning, or with a combination of both

Seven of our programs may be taken abroad in several countries in Africa, as well as in Lebanon and China:

Higher Institute of Business and Management – Casablanca, Morocco

ISG Casablanca Montpellier Management

Higher School of Management – Douala, Cameroon

ESG Douala Montpellier Management

Higher International School of Business Management and Development – Dakar, Senegal


Lebanese-French University of Technology and Applied Sciences – Tripoli, Lebanon

ULF Tripoli Montpellier Management

CPMC Shanghai / Jiao Tong University – Shanghai, China

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CPMC Shanghai Montpellier Management