PhD students

For the thesis registration procedure at the Montpellier Doctoral School of Economics and Management (EDEG): click here.

Applications for a doctoral contract are submitted online via the EDEG website. This includes the application file, a 10-page note, Master’s grade report, resume (CV), and motivation letter. Candidates may choose two subjects if they wish. A copy of the Master’s thesis must be sent by mail to the supervisor of the chosen subject.

Click here to access the application procedure.

Confirmation of enrollment authorization is provided to doctoral students by ADUM (common unique doctoral access platform), via a message containing an appointment date with DRED (Research and Doctoral Studies Department). Enrollment is handled by the University of Montpellier Research and Doctoral Studies Department (DRED).

For more information, please visit Montpellier Doctoral School of Economics and Management.

phd student