Student Associations

BAMM Bureau associatif des etudiants - Institut Montpellier Management


The BAMM, Bureau Associatif des étudiants de Montpellier Management is the main association for student life activities on campus. It organises numerous events all year long, including orientation days and an annual gala event.

More information on their Facebook page:  BAMM

MOMA Junior Conseil Montpellier Management


MOMA Junior Conseil – A “Junior Enterprise” affiliated with the French National Confederation of Junior Enterprises (CNJE) since 2016, this student association carries out consultancy and development missions for French and international companies. This includes financial, organizational, and marketing audits, business plans, development consulting, market studies, satisfaction surveys, and more. Students handle these missions by leveraging the many skills in management, finance, marketing, strategy, and development they acquire during their Bachelor’s and Master’s studies. Providing these services offers students a great opportunity to build their professional networks and add real experience to their resumes.

MOMA Junior Conseil also organizes several actions during the year, including a “Job Dating” event during which students meet entrepreneurs and managers from around the region. This provides a privileged occasion for students to make contacts for their last-year internships.

More information on the website: MOMA Junior Conseil


ESN is a student organisation that helps international students integrate into local life. It organises various events and trips all year long.

More information on their Facebook page: ESN Montpellier – Erasmus Student Network

MOMA Football Club - Montpellier Management


The MOMA Football Club is a soccer team that has been playing since 2016/2017. They participated in the University of Montpellier soccer championships. The association’s goal is to compete at a university level, with real games and regular training. The team is open to all students who want to play soccer.

More information on their Facebook page: MOMA Football Club

moma rugby club - association étudiante Montpellier Management


The MOMA Rugby Club is a continuation of the ISEM Rugby Club founded in 2011. The association brings together Montpellier Management students to play in university rugby championships.

More information on their Facebook page: MOMA Rugby Club