Students (non-exchange program)

Educational programs

*Note: our programs are not taught entirely in English


 If you are currently a student and would like to enroll in a degree program offered by Montpellier Management:


Students from outside the European Union:

> Students from countries outside the European Union are required to register on the website Études en France. Your Montpellier Management application will only be considered if you complete this formality.


Students from the European Union:

> For Bachelor’s 1: via Parcoursup

  • To enroll at the Bachelor’s 1 level, you must apply via the platform Parcoursup. Attention: capacity is limited for enrollment in first-year Bachelor’s programs at Montpellier Management.
  • You must have earned a Baccalaureate (high-school diploma) in order to enroll in Bachelor’s 1 programs at Montpellier Management.
  • Due to the limited capacity for these programs, priority is given to applications by candidates from the Montpellier school district and high school students preparing their French baccalaureate abroad.

> For other levels and programs: via e-candidat

You must apply via the e-candidat* platform if you would like to enroll in one of the programs listed below. Attention: there are two different points of entry on the e-candidate site (blue and red), so make sure you choose the one that corresponds to your desired level:

Attention, all foreign students must provide the necessary supporting documents when enrolling:

  • Copies and originals of your diplomas,
  • Birth certificate,
  • Passport,
  • Visa,
  • Admission letter provided by Campus France or acceptance e-mail from Montpellier Management,
  • Foreign students from non-Francophone countries must also take a test to demonstrate their level of French language skills.

For more informations about registration, please click on this link Inscription/Réinscription.