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Romain BOISSIN - Maître de conférences


Responsabilités pédagogiques :

  • Master 2 Gestion de Patrimoine

Romain Boissin est Maître de conférences en Finance à l’Institut Montpellier Management. Ses recherches portent sur la couverture des analystes financiers lors des introductions en bourse dans un contexte international.

Romain Boissin is an Associate Professor of Finance at University of Montpellier, Montpellier, France. His fields of interest focus on IPOs, analyst coverage and securities laws in an international context.

Domaines d’enseignements : 

  • Analyse financière
  • Méthode quantitative en finance
  • Environnement financier
  • Communication financière

Articles : 

  • Boissin, R. and P.Sentis, 2014, “Long-run performance of IPOs and the role of financial analysts: somme French evidence”, The European Journal of Finance, Vol.20, No.2 (February), 125-149.
  • Boissin, R., 2013, “Orphan versus non-orphan IPO firms: the difference analyst coverage makes”, pp.257-274 in Handbook of research on IPOs, edited by Mario Levis and Silvio Vismara, Edward Elgar Publishing, 578 pages.


Liste des communications :

  • BOISSIN, MADUREIRA, SINGH, 2018, “Analysts’ Advice on IPOs and Regulations: An Analysis of US and European Markets”, FMA European Conference, Kristiansand, Norway, 13-15/0
  • BOISSIN, 2016, “Analyst recommendations of IPOs and Regulations: a comparative analysis between US and Europe”, IFABS, Barcelona, Spain, 01-03/06
  • BOISSIN, 2016, “Analyst coverage prediction for IPOs”, World Finance Conference, New York (NY), USA, 28-31/07
  • BOISSIN, 2015, “Z-score as predictor of analyst coverage of IPOs”, Eastern Finance Association, New Orleans (LA), USA, 08-11/04