Please note: for CROUS residences, only exchange students can contact our international relations service. For other students, please contact CROUS directly.


A limited number of rooms from the CROUS is available for exchange students in the student residencies Boutonnet and Arceaux. Rooms can be booked online on Interlog, using access codes provided by  the international relations office of Montpellier Management, from June 2020 on.

The rooms offered by the CROUS are called « renovated confort level »:

  • 9/10m²
  • bed, fridge, shower, toilets, sink in the room, internet access in the building
  • communal kitchen in the building
  • from 247 to 255 euros per month (cost 2019/2020)

> For the 1st semester, the rent is due from the 1st of September to the 31st of December.

Upon arrival at the student residence, you will need to pay the rent for your entire stay. However, a payment in 2 instalments is  possible under certain conditions.


You can also find a great accommodation offer in the private sector. Shared accommodation, private appartment, student residence… We are giving you the keys for a successful research.

Housing - Montpellier Management


In order to rent your accommodation, many landlords will ask you for a guarantor, a person who earns enough money to pay for your rent in case you are not able to do it anymore. The CLE (Caution Locative Etudiante) is a State insurance implemented by the CROUS. It enables students without a guarantor to have easier access to housing.

> Find out more on their page


All students must suscribe to an accommodation insurance to provide garantees in case of accidents. You can ask any insurance company, or your bank for information, as they can provide such policies.


Exchange students can ask the CAF (CAF) for the housing aid called APL (Aide Pour le Logement):

  • This aid enables you to reduce your monthly rent (around 80 euros for a room in a student residence), starting on the second month of rental, as the first month is called « mois de carence » (deficiency month).
  • The application procedure is available in your student residence.
  • The aid is applicable on monthly rents, two-week rents are not concerned.

> More information on the CAF website.