Application process

Application process

Below you can find information on the nomination process, application process as well as on supporting documents that are needed for the exchange application.

Nomination process and deadlines

An official nomination from your home university is required in order to take part in an exchange program.

Nominations containing the following information regarding the student – full name, e-mail address, level and field of study, date of birth – are to be sent by e-mail to by the following deadlines:

For studies in the Autumn term (September-December/January), or full year (September-April/May): 15th of May

For studies in the Spring term (January-April/May): 31st of October

Application procedure

Once the International Office of Montpellier Management has received your official nomination, you will receive an e-mail in order to start the online application process.

Online application form

Exchange students need to complete their online application form on the Moveon mobility tool.

Please pay attention to the following fields when filling in your application:

Field of studies > Your mobility (2024-2025):

  • your hosting faculty or institution is Montpellier Management (if you choose another faculty, we will not receive your application!)
  • your field of studies is Management

The application form is available both in French and in English.

Application documents

In order to submit your application, you will be asked to provide the following documents:

  • a copy of your Passport or National Identity Card;
  • an ID photo;
  • a language certificate;
  • your academic transcripts of the last 2 years (not mandatory);
  • your last degree certificate (not mandatory);
  • your learning agreement* signed by you and the coordinator of your home university. Montpellier Management does not need to sign your learning agreement when you submit your application.

* The learning agreement is the list of courses that you plan on taking at Montpellier Management and that has been approved by your home coordinator.

At this stage, the learning agreement is a preliminary plan of the courses you want to study and is subject to changes during the mobility.

Erasmus+ students should use the online learning agreement system in order to create their own learning agreement OR use the Erasmus+ learning agreement model of their home university.

Exchange students coming from outside of the EU can use the learning agreement model of Montpellier Management.

Application deadlines

Students need to submit their applications by the following deadlines:

For studies in the Autumn term (September-December/January), or full year (September-April/May): 15th of June

For studies in the Spring term (January-April/May): 30th of November

No applications received after these deadlines will be considered!

Language requirements

Courses are mainly taught in French at Montpellier Management, but there are also some courses taught in English that are available for exchange students.

For both French and English taught courses, a B2 level is recommended in the language of instruction. Students can upload in their application an official language certificate or a certificate from the home university stating the students have the requested level.

Acceptance information

If your application is accepted, you will receive a letter of acceptance by e-mail from the International Relations Office of Montpellier Management. Processing applications takes several weeks from the time we receive them.

If for any reason, you are unable to take part in the exchange program, please inform us as soon as possible by e-mail at