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> No need to have a car when living in Montpellier. The public transportation system (buses and trams) operated by the TAM company is well developed.

  • Tramways: There are 4 tramway lines that make Montpellier easy to get around.
  • Bikes: There are 57 stations in the city where you can rent bikes 24/7 with your TAM card or the M’Ticket Application. Learn more.
  • Buses: There are 41 lines that cover the whole city and the Métropole. Learn more.
  • Modulauto: It is a car rental service you can add to your TAM card. You can rent a car for an hour, a day, a weekend… Learn more.


  • 1 trip – valid for one hour trip with free connections on the entire public transportation network: 1.60€
  • 10 trips – valid for 10 trips of one hour with free connections on the entire public transportation network: 10€
  • 1 day – valid during 24h on the entire public transportation network, starting from the first validation: 4.30€


  • Yearly subscription for people under 26 year. Valid for 12 months: 196€
  • Yearly subscription for all. Valid for 12 months: 540€
  • Monthly subscription for all: 60€
  • Monthly subscription for people under 26: 28€


> You can also get around in Montpellier by taxi. They are generally situated near the Gare St Roch central train station and at the airport. FARES: A 20 minutes ride costs around 20€ (day fare, from Monday to Saturday) or 30€ (night fare, Sunday and official holidays).

  • Information on transportation tarifs here.
  • Interactive map of the Montpellier public transportation network here.
  • Useful tip: Have spare change when buying the transportation tickets as the machines don’t give change!

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