Montpellier Management


Montpellier Management offers 50 diploma programs recognized and certified by the French higher education system, ranging from first-year Bachelor’s to post-doc levels (8 years of higher education), including 9 Licence degrees7 Professional Licence degrees, and 29 Master’s options, plus a doctoral program and University Diplomas (including Accounting and Management (DUCG) and a Higher Degree in Accounting and Management (DSCG) which prepare students for accounting degrees). These programs are designed to match the future needs of entrepreneurs as closely as possible.

Some programs are also offered online through e-learning in partnership with CNED and AUF. Over 600 students are currently enrolled in Montpellier Management’s e-learning program.

Montpellier Management offers professional programs adapted to the needs of people who are currently employed and would like to further their education. Courses generally focus on vocational training and building key skills in HR, marketing, finance, auditing, and more.

Courses are also designed to be applicable in a variety of different business sectors, including wine and spirits, media and communication, agri-food, hospitality and tourism, innovative technologies, and more.


Our students are taught to be versatile and operational immediately upon graduation. Many actions have been implemented over the years to encourage professional integration:

  • MOMA Junior Conseil, an organization that help students to build strong professional network
  • Partnership with Pepite-LR : supporting and encouraging student entrepreneurship
  • ResUM, the University of Montpellier professional network
  • Required internships starting from the second year of Licence’s programs
  • Encouraging work-study through professional contracts and apprenticeships
  • Creation of a specialized Professionalization Department


Montpellier Management’s many benefits are enhanced by a quest for excellence and an ability to produce new knowledge, leveraging the school’s 90 professors and research professors, 5 research teams, and 8 chairs. Excellence in research represents one of the main factors that differentiates our university from business schools and private marketing and management schools. Fundamental knowledge and insight shared with our students is developed at the Entreprendre excellence laboratory (LabEx) and Montpellier Research in Management (MRM), one of the largest management laboratories in France.

A team of over 50 research professors, research engineers, and PhD students – all experts in their fields – regularly make themselves available to companies in order to work on innovative management models and solutions. Research results are often applied to the business world. This openness involves nurturing privileged relations with many organizations in a variety of business sectors, including banks, accounting-auditing firms, health organizations, agri-food and distribution. We also maintain strong ties with the entrepreneurial world and public organizations.


International aspects are a key focus for Montpellier Management. We have established privileged relationships with many universities throughout Europe, as well as outside Europe, in Central America, Canada, Africa, and China, through partnership agreements. These agreements encourage student mobility and reinforce pedagogical and scientific cooperation. Montpellier Management research professors represent a large part of our outreach around the world, including about one hundred research communications presented at national and international conferences every year. To help prepare our students for international careers, we encourage them to spend time studying at one of our partner universities. Montpellier Management’s internationalization is also built on our actions to export programs for off-site learning. We currently have 7 off-site programs in different countries in Africa, as well as in Lebanon and China.